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How to know where my energy is coming from


Local energy policy and usage, and its global impact


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Local weather conditions and environment will determine available energy sources. Develop plans to collaborate with neighbor communities as secondary energy source and mutual interests. Learning from native rituals and life styles can lead to significant understanding of sustainable usage of energy. Traditions can help to explain worthwhile life style or what needs to be changed to address future needs. Population and education are here keys as well.

What It Takes

Be interested in creating your future! Get involved with your community and local authorities. Make your voice be heard and ask for transparency. The long term effect of energy source and usage will affect your future and generations after you.

Why Its Important

Use locally available energy sources to find the best way of source use that complies with local lifestyle, culture and tradition. This is very important to develop a strategic plan before selecting the energy sources. Less pollution will protect local flora & fauna. Cultural awareness learns to respect traditions as a promising point for a successful future.

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Geographical conditions have an impact of environment. Energy resources are adding to environmental conditions. This impact continues on global economy and long-term changes to environment and policies. World population and education are key points to develop current and future global strategies for better understanding and respecting rights for all human beings

What It Takes

To have a general understanding of global energy resources and the impact of environment, work conditions, life style. Information is the key. Don’t look for smart devices. Educate yourself and be smart. If you don’t know how to save energy and where it’s coming from… smart device will not do the job for you! Don’t let ads fool you!

Why Its Important

Energy generation and distribution is very complex and at the same time very easy if we can develop an understanding of the impact of energy resources in a global view. This awareness and knowledge will support environmental protection and sustainable handling process.

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The use of renewable energy in a big scale is about to be 30 years old! This means the first commercial generation of PV panels will be soon to recycle. Do we know what efforts were/are made to address recycling and disposal of them?

Fortunately there are companies in United States and Europe that have developed technologies for this purpose.

There will be still by-products that can’t be re-used so it is important to emphasize energy saving and efficiency as the major concept no matter what source we are using. The same applies for wind and Geo-thermal equipment and their recycling/disposal methods.

The use of Non-Renewable energy is inevitable for some areas. As much as it is important to address environmental protection we still need to be realistic to the fact of using all energy resources based on availability.

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