Export only your proven knowledge

It is crucial to understand how to export industry and knowledge. Local aspects need to be known and respected. Energy efficiency has to be already in place through education. Official authorities to commit to Energy efficiency education and implementation before anything else!

Energy efficiency is a general understanding of energy saving regardless of energy source in order to protect resources, avoid by-products and generate cost for energy storage.

Energy storage with batteries is expensive and harms the environment for the toxic mix after the useful life of a battery usually about 10-12 years.

Organic batteries are on the market!

Wind turbines can harm fauna which will have a negative impact of native species in global and local perspective.

Non-renewable sources are known for much longer as air pollutants which is transferred to soil and water.

be informed

How do we gather information? Contact your local authorities, search online yourself, get input from professional consultants. Educate yourself and be your energy manager. Use the right of your vote to authorize programs to make policies for the majority of people. Empowering certain interest groups/ person will lead to bias and shift away from transparency and fairness. We all are end-users and consumers. Energy is used in every step. Realize that it has to be produced before any action is taken by anyone.

This is the human aspect in energy generation. The human interaction with environment needs to be sustainable for future generations to come. It is the legacy people want to leave on this planet. If it’s heritage, culture or language the effort is to pass it on. So why not doing the same respect and value to the future of energy usage?

Developing policies and regulations for energy generation and distribution in global and local perspective is inevitable to assure availability for future and address fairness. Energy is business. Successful business strategies seek to create win-win situation for all participants.

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