When the money we pay for products gives producers enough to afford lifes essentials, to establish an acceptable and equal life standard

Correct implementation for each energy source addresses efficiency right at the beginning. Applying this will help to achieve reasonable, affordable, long term ways for energy generation. Use sources with fairness for distribution to each region. This will cover both global & local goals and perspectives. Avoiding energy transfer on long distance protects the environment, contributes fairness and world freedom: Understand we ARE connected, like it or not. This is why facts are essential!

Less Pollution is in our own interest and for human survival not for the planet! Planet Earth will continue turning with or without the human burden on it!

More responsibility starts with working with facts in order to apply the best/most efficient way for energy use and source.

Last but definitely not least is once you start local solutions and experience positive outcomes, develop mindfulness if next step is to export knowledge/science to other local or global communities. Export only if it’s proven: Business is important/ Understanding how to develop fairness in business is essential. Use local tradition and culture to understand the need of each region.

a look at energy sources

Appreciation of local traditions and learning from the past generation’s life style to learn sustainable use of sources: This is very important to develop a strategic plan before sources selection. Once local/ global energy resources are determined, a look at short & long term impact is essential to develop future policies and regulations. At the same time the need of recycling and disposal for energy generation methods and equipment need to be considered and planned for. Less pollution supports protection for overall flora & fauna.

Cultural awareness helps to protect, educate & respect communities and this is a promising point for successful plans. Applying global knowledge & local traditions is the most sustainable way of understanding how we ARE connected. The impact of human habits on energy sources and environment is undeniable. Addressing energy efficiency is assurance for human survival and the future quality of human life. Smart is when you develop more good ideas and understanding between people then relying on electronic and devices to catch human error… without realizing they are developed by us and programmed to make… error!

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